Is There a Good Christian Church Near Me?

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The internal conversation that every part time Christian has with themselves when Christmas and Easter rolls around each year, is this,

“I should probably go to church, ugh, but the last time there were people just asking for money and telling me I’m a horrible person and do I really want to go? If I don’t, my (aunt, grandma, mother, daughter, distant family relative) will be hounding me to attend their church in some far away town. My kids like the egg hunt, they get free candy and stuff, yay, sugar high, what’s the closest and cheapest option?”

Or some variation of the above thoughts.

You may be offended that I referred to you as a part time Christian in that first sentence.


Many people who consider and call themselves Christian, even if they attend church on a regular basis are ‘part time Christians.’

What is a ‘part time Christian’?

Someone who as soon as they walk out of the door of church, lives as if the gospel of Christ has had no affect on them.

Someone who seeks a way for eternal life on Sunday, but lives with a crown on their own head pursuing their own way and their own agenda, what’s best for their own life.

Someone who feels terrible for their own sins, attends church to cleanse their conscience then repeats the same actions over and over again, without ever seeing true change in their life.

Someone who follows a set of rules and ideals.

Someone who does not truly know God.

Do you know God?

Are you following a set of rules and ideals to obtain sanctuary in a place after death?

Do you feel terrible for the things you’ve done and are trying to atone for them by good works and doing good things?

Do you truly believe the fullness of what Christ has done for you on the cross?

Do you know God?

As you search for a church this season to attend, ask yourself these questions.

Before we come to know God, we are separate from our Creator and do not know our Creator. We furiously try to do good, try to atone for the invisible divide between us and God, but we are left frustrated, without peace, anxious, and desperate surrounded by despair and depression.

We cannot escape the darkness on our own, we cannot communicate with light until we fully believe and grasp that there is hope for us, but there is only one way and that hope is through Jesus.

Our sin, the sin we were born into, that we inherited from our fathers and mothers, and they from their fathers and mothers, and them before that, is inevitable death of our flesh. We are born spiritually dead. To awaken the spirit, to revive the dead, life must be given for life to return. This is the ultimate gift that Christ has given to us.

For us to be born again, for our spirit to be reunited with our Creator, faith is essential. If you believe the scriptures to be true, and that you can have communion with God, that is all you need. Communicating with God does not begin and end with an easter service or Sunday services and Wednesday nights and the Friday night revival meetings. Your communication begins here and now in your spirit.

Ask God to direct you to which church you should attend.

Ask God within your spirit to direct you to His word and to speak to you through His word, and He will.

Communicate with other people who have that communication with the Creator, life becomes richer, full of peace, the darkness dissipates, the depression gives way to joy.

This is available to all who believe.

All you need is to ask.